DASH Outcome Measure iPad Application

About the App

The DASH (Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand) Outcome Measure is a well-recognized self-report questionnaire designed to measure physical function and symptoms in people with any of several musculoskeletal disorders of the upper limb. The 11-item QuickDASH is a shortened version of the 30-item DASH instrument. Both tools are valid, reliable and responsive and can be used for clinical and/or research purposes.

Surveys of DASH users have revealed that they are pleased with the DASH Outcome measure but remain challenged by how to interpret scores for individual patients. Apps are increasingly accessible and relatively easy to develop. This led to the development of the DASH Outcome Measure app for use on the iPad. 

This innovative application is designed to help busy clinicians track DASH scores (including DASH, QuickDASH, and Optional DASH Modules) in their clinical practice. The app allows clinicians to have their patients directly enter responses using an iPad touch screen. DASH scores are immediately calculated and summarized in a Summary Report which includes the calculated score, item-level responses, as well as information about interpretability of the score (e.g. comparison to normative data from the general population, score needed to reach Minimal Detectable Change [MDC95%]).

This application allows for multiple assessments to be conducted over time, linked by a unique patient identification number, and the generation of a Cumulative Report (including a graphical representation of the patient’s progress over time with interpretability benchmarks, and an item-level comparison of the six highest [greatest disability] items at initial evaluation versus the most current evaluation).

The Summary and Cumulative Reports are available immediately for view directly on the iPad and also saved (password protected) on the iPad as exportable files that can be either printed or emailed to the clinician for their electronic or paper records, or directly to the patient. The raw data is also saved (password protected) on the iPad and can be transferred by email as a downloadable database (CSV format) to the clinician for further analysis and/or storage.

The DASH Outcome Measure app allows for real time administration, scoring and longitudinal tracking of DASH outcomes. Reports have the potential to help clinicians identify problem areas and monitor progress over time in a time saving manner.

Conditions of Use

Use of the DASH and QuickDASH through this app is subject to the same Conditions of Use as for the paper and online versions of these instruments. This means that:

  • Use of these instruments without further charge is limited to clinicians using them only for treatment or assessment of a patient, to researchers using them only for non-commercially related research, and to other not-for-profit users.
  • The instruments may not be sold or incorporated into a product to be sold, by anyone .
  • The instruments may not under any circumstances, be changed in any way as even minor changes may alter performance.
  • Any other use requires advance written permission from the Institute for Work & Health and requires strict compliance with all conditions attached to such permission, including payment in some cases.
  • Copyright of the DASH Outcome Measure and the QuickDASH is the sole property of the Institute for Work & Health, which reserves all rights in connection therewith. Users must give credit to the developers when using or referencing any DASH tool.

Note: If you are unsure whether your intended use falls within the above Conditions of Use, please complete and submit a DASH/QuickDASH User Profile form and a response will be provided.


For more information or to leave feedback about this application, send an email to: dash@iwh.on.ca