DASH and QuickDASH Outcome Measure User's Manual (Third Edition)

The third edition of the DASH and QuickDASH Outcome Measure User's Manual is available. It has been designed to help clinicians, researchers and others who use the DASH and QuickDASH tools.

What’s New

This new edition has been revised to include the QuickDASH and to incorporate the latest research available on the DASH. It has also been expanded to include new chapters on the cross-cultural use of the DASH/QuickDASH outcome measures and the DASH Optional Modules. The current edition is expected to make understanding and using the DASH/QuickDASH easier and more accessible.

Manual Overview

For those who are most interested in how to use the DASH, Chapters 1 and 2 are the most relevant. Chapter 1 provides the information needed to start using the DASH immediately. Chapter 2 describes important details about administering the DASH and includes answers to frequently asked questions. Those who are interested in the rationale behind developing the DASH and/or are searching for reliability, validity and responsiveness statistics will find Chapters 3 to 8 to be must reads.

How to Order

The DASH and QuickDASH Outcome Measure User's Manual can be ordered as a digital download. The digital download purchase provides rights for a single account user to download and use the PDF version of the DASH Manual. The account user can re-download the PDF file at anytime for one year after the purchase. To have multiple users access the PDF file download, please contact us to negotiate a reduced group rate.

To order, visit the product page.